Vector Synthesis with Zynthian


What would you think about a kind of “vector mixer” for zynthian? This would be the basic features:

  • Mix audio output from a set of N layers
  • It could generate envelopes for volume, balance and other parameters, synchronizing the envelopes with the Attack (Note-On) and Release (Note-Off)
  • More?

Please, feel free to give your opinion. I’ve no experience with vector synthesizers and my knowledge about them is almost null.



And a joystick ? Or wheel ? Or pedal ?

Off course, I would vote " Yes", “thumbs up”…
Everything which can add expressivity and life to electronic sounds, is welcome to me…

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I think we discussed this before, as part of the mixer section. From a synth perspective it’s an intersting day and a very good way of generating novel sounds without too much building from the ground up.

The layer model is becoming increasingly complex (which is a good thing) but we really need ways to visualise the set up and I suspect this would simply add to that complexity at the moment. I know I’m probably the worst offender for new ideas but we really should get one or two bits and pieces that are in the air solidly bolted into a solid dist.


Having the ability to mix different instruments (layers) volume from a single interface is what I really like to see in Zynthian. Combined with the future (finger crossing !!!) sequencer’s song mode, that would be terrific :heart_eyes:

Using the X-Y controller with 4 variables rather than the current 2 might give us some nice control.

Adding a mixer view isn’t too hard. I have done this a few times. I could work something up once I have completed the sequencer core code.

I am very keen that both mixer and vector be done within Jack which provides floating point control over levels rather than MIDI which produces zipping sound as you adjust the 7-bits.

Note on repeat triggers, like the Akai MPC note repeat, with different rates, with invert-able response per layer. So X+ max might make layer 1 repeat fast while layer 2 is slow - X- max would do the opposite. Y could be assigned to octaves of repeats. A touch Arpeggiator.

Agreed with @riban, zipping was the first thing I looked for on the Nord Modular, which is my reference DSP analogue.

Do we have an knowledge as to how the original vector synths controlled their 4 way pan location when controlled externally? I s it a succession of XY plots in a sysex or some carefully chosen CC’s?

maybe I’m wrong, but, if the so called X-Y control is ala “kaos pad”, (<=> with the touch), I do not feel really comfortable with it, …it’s not accurate enough. And I’ve got a 7inch screen (800x480), I can imagine how difficult it would be to set correctly an instrument level on a small 2.4 inch screen with this.

Well I see it more like a mixing console and not like live effect controller