Vember surge synth opensourced, builds and runs on Linux


I never used this soft synth but it seems to be quite fully realized. It’s also older which sometimes means it was written with lesser compute resources assumed.

I am going to start playing with it on my less good surface pro midi setup in windows 10, and will monitor the linux version.

Perhaps this could be compiled for arm and run on zynthian.


It would need to be converted from vst to lv2 format, or made to run standalone. Not impossible, but not trivial either. At the moment the vst2 isn’t building.


I have done this with Dexed. It is easier when dropping all the UI code. The most demanding part is reading in and assigning the parameters. Not a “one-weekend-job” :wink:

Another problem: It seems that the synth needs massiv CPU power…

Regards, Holger