Vember surge synth opensourced, builds and runs on Linux

I never used this soft synth but it seems to be quite fully realized. It’s also older which sometimes means it was written with lesser compute resources assumed.

I am going to start playing with it on my less good surface pro midi setup in windows 10, and will monitor the linux version.

Perhaps this could be compiled for arm and run on zynthian.

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It would need to be converted from vst to lv2 format, or made to run standalone. Not impossible, but not trivial either. At the moment the vst2 isn’t building.

I have done this with Dexed. It is easier when dropping all the UI code. The most demanding part is reading in and assigning the parameters. Not a “one-weekend-job” :wink:

Another problem: It seems that the synth needs massiv CPU power…

Regards, Holger


There is now a lv2 version! This would be really a great additon to zynthian…

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Downloading and building … :wink:


Any news on this? I checked some demo’s and it sounded amazing.

My build try failed and i’d no time to go deeper … yet :wink:

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Nooooo!!! While looking at the Vember Serge, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and found the Linnstrument. I need to try this thing out, looks like it would complete the zynth nicely. Sadly out of my price range at the moment.
Video of the inventor of both Serge and the Linnstrument.


No news on this one?

I don’t know what @jofemodo has been doing but one the the things that has put me off is the requirement for premake, which appears to be opensource but not a standard bit of kit.

I tried to build on my Desktop Fedora, but with no luck. After installing all dependencies, the build process started, but it failed at some point and i didn’t continue the fight …

I had a look into building Surge for my Pi4. Unfortunately there is one big roadblock, in that most of the dsp code in Surge requires the SSE2 instruction set to be available in the CPU, which the arm cpu doesn’t support.

So unless the instructions can be emulated in software surge isn’t going to happen for the zynth any time soon.

Update: It’s still not possilbe to build Surge, but more of it does compile now. I discovered which translates sse2 instuctions to arm primitives. I expect there will be a huge performance hit.

Right now though I’ve hit another compile bug detailed here:


Does anyone know how to debug C++ and sse?


You are getting closer … i can smell it … :wink:


Were now at the point where a principle developer is unsure that the code isn’t fundamentally flawed to run on an ARM processor

And I don’t know enough of the memory configuration of any CPU to help.

Oh wow… That’s too much even to the developer…

To be fair, he’s operating in third person through an idiot.

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Seems that some “masters of LA” are making some progress on this:

Could somebody test falkTX’s fork?

I’m smelling a new synth engine for zynthian … :star_struck:



:metal: Yes!