Video in french about Zynthian assembly

Hello to all “Zynthianacs”

I have made a video in french explaining assembly of a V3 Zynthian. The video will have two more parts (in french also) : one part to explain how to configure the SD card and the last one being a quick tutorial showing how to use the UI.

I target mainly non-technical music people who are afraid to jump into Zynthian (and more generally into Linux related systems)

I hope this will help french talking people to adopt this wonderful little machine



Bravo mon ami!!

Your video is amazingly detailed and very accurate!! Congratulations and thanks a lot for contributing!! I will be awaiting for the second part!!

Perhaps you want to use the video logo animation :wink:

Logo_Zynthian_Animation1.m4v (50.1 KB

Kind Regards!

Hi Jofemodo,

a pleasure :wink: (and thank you for your comment)
Do you think it could be interesting to make an english version (by changing the soundtrack)? I know Seb has made one so I am afraid it could be double and not necessarily useful


The second part of the video (related to the SD card programming and first configuration) is now online :
Link to the video
(Sorry Jofemodo, I completely forgot to include the animated logo in this one)




Very good videos in French.

Even if my Zynthian is already mounted, I am still learning from them :slight_smile:
1st one may help when I’ll reopen the box for some enhancement like adding a connector for a 4 switch pedal.

Hi @BEB!

Thanks a lot for your excellent work with the french videos! I already added both videos to the wiki:

Please, make a third one :wink:

The best!

Third one is on the way, it should be online next week (taking a few days break at the end of the week :grinning:)


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And as promised, here is the third video explaining the user interface and how to create patches :smiley:

I plan to make a fourth one when I will have time, related to the use of the web control page for advanced users.


Thanks a lot , @BEB! French @zynthianers will enjoy your detailed explanations for sure … jeje!
I really love the 2 schemes explaining the layers and the FX-chain. I would like to include these schemes in the wiki, translated to english. Could you share the files?

The best!

Ahh! The video is added to the wiki, of course:

Merci BEB
Vidéo très instructive!
créer un snapshot, assigner des numéros de commande du controleur et ajouter un effet en bout de chaîne, voilà des fonctions dont je me doutais de leur existence sans connaître le moyen d’y accéder, Bravo.
Puissant le Zynthian!!!

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Merci pour ton commentaire.
Et question fonctions “cachées”, ce sera l’objet de la quatrième vidéo que je suis en train de préparer avec notamment tous les réglages à travers la connexion réseau (genre modification des presets d’échantillons)
Et oui, le Zynthian est puissant. Je formule le voeu que cette machine puisse enfin faire basculer les musiciens vers le monde Linux!
Etant un développeur d’applications sur iPad, j’affirme que cette petite boite concurrence sans problèmes la plupart des applications iOS! Mais les utilisateurs sont tellement formatés en mode “Linux, c’est trop compliqué…”

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Hi José,

no problem, I will send you the files (these are Open Office files, so no problem to edit them :wink:)
I will be back at home in a few days, I will transfer them as soon as possible.


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And one more video, dedicated to LinuxSampler and FluidSynth remote sound edition :grinning:

(I will probably make an english version for this one, by the way, since none has been made about this particular topic)


Ohhh! Great Benoit! I think it’s a very interesting topic for many zynthianers, so having an english translation would be wonderful! :wink:

BTW, I added the video to the zynthian wiki and youtube channel.

Thanks a lot!