Virtual midi wiring

hi to everyone,

in 2020 there are a lot of different midi types (everyone with TRS) and it’s a bit frustrating buying every adapter cause are really expensive for what they are, so MIDI over USB seems really good for those wired gear with TRS instead of midi and midi out without midi thru.
in zynthian, I’ve seen that I can connect a USB-MIDI device, but there’s a page or something else where I can manage the “virtual wiring” about midi?

Hi @gabrythe23

Zynthian routes all MIDI inputs (physical, USB , network, etc.) to all of its engines. There is also the ability to create dedicated MIDI layers which take MIDI in, processes it then feeds it out. If you bold press on a layer you can access it’s context menu which k include routing options.

oh i’m a noob! there’s a menu option for that? awesome! I’ll try as soon as I arrive home!!

Sorry but with midi keyboard/ usb keyboard what key combination I’ve to press?

maybe I explain a little bit better because I didn’t mention a lot of stuff.

first of all, I’ve my axiom 61 linked with usb to my rbp with zynthian.
another USB link the zynthian with my hw sequencer (Korg electribe 2)
I’ve also nts1 and tb3.

i wonder if there’s a way to send:
midi in for channel 1 that comes from axiom 61 USB into nts1 channel 1,
midi in for channel 2 that comes from axiom 61 USB into tb3 channel 2,
and the others into zynthian as usual

is possible a routing like that in zynthian?

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any solution? maybe with jack?

You could use njconnect in the terminal of the web interface to connect them up for the time being. then set the instruments to only listen for midi on specific channels. Then switch between the channels on the axiom.

Hi @gabrythe23!

Zynthian sends all MIDI messages from the selected input ports to the selected output ports. You can manage the MIDI ports (devices) from the webconf tool, at the end of MIDI Options page:

Once this is configured, you simply don’t use channels 1 & 2 on zynthian. Configure your layers on channels 3-15.

Let me know if this works for you :wink:


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oh thanks! sorry, it was always in the wiki. i’m dumb! there’s too much wiki :joy:


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