Visible Mixer Strips

unfortunately, I can’t see all channels even though Visible Mixer Strips are set to automatic in the Webconfig. If I set it to all 16 channels in the webconfig, I also see them all. I am using the current OS. Am I doing something wrong?


No, the visible mixer strips setting defines the horizontal zoom. If there are more strips than can be viewed you can horizontally scroll, either by cursoring with encoder / keyboard or dragging the bottom bar. “Automatic” just means to use a suitable value based on the screen resolution. It does not dynamically adjust

Steps or strips? I’m confused. In any case, I can’t see more channels than 8. Even if I select the last, the next ones are not visible. Only when I increase the number of strips do I see them all. Unfortunately, then the channels are so none that you can’t operate them. But it can also be due to menem age :joy: :grinning:


It looks like it is not just me who puts typos in my responses :wink:. (I have corrected “steps” to “strips”.)

The maximum quantity of displayed mixer strips and hence each mixer strip width is fixed and defined by the “Visible mixer strips” setting in webconf. This does not change during a session and can only be changed by the webconf setting and restarting the Zynthian. If you have more chains than can be displayed then there will be some hidden strips. These hidden strips can be exposed by scrolling the display horizontally.

You can use the select encoder to change the selected chain. If you continue to do this until you reach the last displayed strip then the next turn will scroll the display and expose the next strip.

For example, if you have a display set to 8 visible strips and you have 12 chains then initially the mixer will show chains 1…8 with the first chain selected (bottom legend strip highlighted). Rotating the SELECT encoder clockwise through one detent will select chain 2. Rotating is a further 6 detents will select chain 8. The next clockwise detent will select chain 9 and the mixer will now show chains 2…9. When you get to the last chain the next clockwise detent will select the Main Mixer Chain.

[Edit] I think you may not have encoders so may depend on touch screen. In this case you should be able to drag the strips left/right by touch and drag at the bottom of the screen (in the legend strip) but there is currently a bug prohibiting this. I have submitted a PR for a hotfix which I trust @jofemodo will review and apply soon. You can also plug in a computer keyboard and use the arrow keys to select chains (configurable in webconf UI Keybindings). A small keypad like this could be used for such a purpose:




now I understand. I currently only have a touch screen and was just surprised that I could not use the mixer as described in the wiki. Thank you very much for your detailed answer. Then I’ll wait until I have an encoder.


@Riban I have now switched to “testing” and now it seems to work. Can that be?

Thank you for your help…

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Dragging mixer to horizontally scroll is fixed in testing. There is a request submitted to apply a hot-fix to stable but only our most gracious and glorious one can do that. We await his favour.