Vital Synth by Matt Tytel

Here’s something I noticed while thinking about Vital’s “zyn-tegration”:

Zynthian has four encoders.

Vital has four macro controls.

Problem is, the macro names are assignable per patch. If we could retrieve that data from the patch, it would fit perfectly! But how would we do that?

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Serendipity! I think you may be polishing the door knob whilst we still need to construct the house :wink:. I hope we can port this to Zynthian and that there is sufficient optimisation to allow it to run effectively.


Vital is now working on the pi - I noticed it reported here…


apt install vitalium-lv2 then! KXStudio repos are enabled on ZynthianOS by default.


Or simply update your zynthian :wink:

Unfortunately, the GUI is not included with the LV2 plugin, so we don’t have an easy way for getting some LV2 presets yet.

FYI, this synth engine is on the TOP 3 by number of params, with around 800 parameters!!!



So just the 200 pages to step through? Should be interesting crafting sounds… :wink: I am eager to finish work and have a play!

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There a number of Vital presets out there for free version users wanting to explore a bit further:

PlainOldCheese on Github has 44 presets as individual files or a bank file.

31 Matt Tylel presets in a github compilation

A Vital Repository with 88 files so far (>100 patches including one bank)

50 presets from,

Black Lotus has a couple of Dubstep oriented banks (totaling 25 presets), as well as a few Vital tutorials.

22 in VITAL SYNTHWAVE Bank DL at bottom of list.

Vital is attractive to someone like me without a professional DAW, for testing alternate controllers, due to most dials accepting Learn MIDI.

A thread at
Vital vst synthesizer free original presets sharing

(I can confirm the power hungry nature of some patches, on my low end PC playing a second chord while the previously one is decaying is enough to break up the sound.)

These are all standard UI presets, not LV2 presets. I don’t know of a way to create a LV2 preset for Vital yet.

Perhaps other examples to play with, will inspire more people to lobby for an ARM processor version of Vital.

We need the LV2’s native GUI for that …

Have you all seen the Open Source Release of Viral last month?? (48Mb zip)

It’s at least worth reading the license terms, a Zynthian plugin might have to be named Vsynth?

It’s worth knowing the first person with feedback on a Raspberry Pi attempt:
# Not building on Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) #9

Plugin Listing mentioned in above bug thread (in case anyone misses their rename):
- - - - - - - - -
Package Name: vitalium-lv2

Description: Spectral warping wavetable synth (LV2)
Useful links: VCS
Version: 20210302.2
Package size: 2Mb
Provides: LV2
Downloads: amd64 arm64 armhf i386

We’re aware, we’ve been discussing it in this thread over here Vital Synth by Matt Tytel - #23 by


No worries :laughing:

I’ve started looking at how to convert vital presets to LV2 presets. Not there yet.

Beware that Vitalium will fail if you have VNC server or other GUI forwarding enabled.

[Edit] I’ve got something working but not figured out the format for the wavetables yet.

I have managed to compile a version of the LV2 on a x86_64 Linux VM from this fork which launches the GUI without crashing. I was able to import this patch and then save as a LV2 preset. I transferred it the Zynthian, manipulated it a bit and was able to play it from the Zynthian. This is a step forward. We may be able to get a version of Vitalium running with UI on Zynthian but for now I have the missing link I needed for the conversion script which I will look at over the weekend. For now here is a taster of what it sounds like:

I have reported the UI crash issue here.

[Edit] Not so easy! The wavetables and associated metadata is encoded into a blob which I don’t yet know how to encode. I will try to create and share some LV2 presets but the VM is rather slow.


To work around the crash when loading UI we can comment out the following lines in /usr/lib/lv2/vitalium.lv2/vitalium.ttl:

    ui:ui <urn:distrho:vitalium#ExternalUI> ,
          <urn:distrho:vitalium#ParentUI> ;

The generic UI opens. which is of little use but it allows the plugin to run.

I have added PlainOldCheese bank of Vital patches which gives us something to play with. Removed due to licensing concerns. Clarity requested from author.

It does show Zynthian is a bit underpowered for some (many) of these patches.

  • Update
  • webconf Software->>LV2-Plugins
  • Search for new Plugins & Presets
  • Wait for button to turn back from red to black
  • Remove Vital layers
  • Add Vital layer
  • Enjoy / endure

@jofemodo I couldn’t find any licencing information on plainoldcheese github page. You may wish to identify what needs to be accredited and how.

This took a long time, especially in a slightly underpowered VM so I doubt I will have time to do many more in the near future. Unfortunately my effort to create a conversion script only got as far as converting the adjustable parameters and not the wavetables that are essential for each preset.

[Edit] I have made a start on instatetragrammaton patches so if you were inclinded to add some, avoid these.
I have now added (Patches/Matt Tytel Vital at master · instatetragrammaton/Patches · GitHub) presets so you should now have two banks. I have not changed any of the names (tempted as I was). There are some nice and interesting sounds in here! . These have been taken down due to inconsistent licensing compliance. Instatetragrammaton has kindly updated their repository to resolve this but I need to recreate the LV2 library to ensure compliance which I will do some point in the near future.

[Edit] I have added another CPU to the VM and things are faster so I will work through the muted presets next.

[Edit] muted presets are now added so that is three banks of Vitalium sounds we have. I need to stop and do something else… Sorry - I have removed the patches due to rights permissions. We do not have the right to distribute these patches. They are free to download from but those files are not converted to LV2.

[Edit] Okay - last one for today I think. (That shed really does need to be fixed!!!) gBeat’s bank from Vital Repository added. Removed due to licensing concerns. Clarity requested from author.

Maybe we should be organising these in banks based on their type rather than their author??? (But that adds new challenges of an artistic and hence controversial nature.) The more I do this the more I like the idea of a LV2 patch library that we can pull into Zynthian as required. I did this exercise so that Vitalium as useful, i.e. there were patches we could play with out-of-the-box. We probably have enough of those now. I look forward to getting the LV2 UI working so that we can enjoy its true potential although the poor RPi4 may (will) struggle with some patches. Thanks @MaxMaxis for your research which allowed me to grab presets and convert to LV2 format.

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Please be aware that the presets provided with Vital, including those with the free edition may not be distributed so we cannot add these to Zynthian. Matt explained that content is his business model. We do not have the right to this content.

Sorry for the confusion and backtracking on presets. I have been investigating licensing and realised that we either do not have permission to redistribute some of these patches or that the licensing is ambiguous. I have removed any that are note explicitly redistributable and requested clarification from the authors of the ambiguous ones. This leaves just those from instatetragrammaton but that is still 31 patches to give you a taste of what Vital can do and what its limitations on a Zynthian may be. Vital really benefits from user interaction with the GUI which is really well thought out so when we get access to that we will start to feel the benefit. Of course we may find that we can’t do much useful with the limited resources of our little box but I suspect there will be quite a bit that it will do quite nicely.

Please do buy content from Matt if you like the synth. It is a brilliant sequel to Helm and he deserves some recognition for his efforts.

If there are any budding sound designers out there then please create new patches using original content, e.g. wavetables that work well within the Zynthian so that we can build up a library of patches that showcase how Vital can work within Zynthian.


22 posts were split to a new topic: About presets, licensing and copyrights: friendly but hot! :wink:

Sorry guys but I am going to have to take down the last bank. Some patches may be okay but we can’t leave anything we know is not redistributable. The good news is that Vital is a lot of fun so we may find patches being created from scratch. I created a simple sawtooth preset with control of the filter from modulation wheel and channel aftertouch. I think this is the first time I have managed to get Zynthian to behave nicely with aftertouch so I am very happy. The patch was thrown together in 5 minutes and isn’t perfect so I won’t share just yet. Also we should consider a better way to share patches.