VNC encoder controls / MIDI CC for encoder controls

I believe it’s acknowledged that trying to accurately manipulate the four general purpose (normally encoder) controls with vnc is just about impossible. Am I wrong? Is there some keyboard command like + or - to step onscreen controls?

Or is it possible to map four external MIDI CC’s to replace the hardware encoders? I don’t mean using learn mode because then the MIDI CC only controls one specific parameter of an engine.

Check out the wiki. There are guides describing how to control encoders with MIDI and map (QWERTY) keybindings to controls. The default keybinding for the staging version uses comma for down and period for up control of select encoder with the other contols being controlled with combinations of shift and ctrl.

I did find jofemodo’s thread on the keyboard bindings but couldn’t find the updated list in the wiki.

There is a copy of the user guide in the development section of the wiki that we are working on to represent the next release, i.e. it should match staging version of the firmware. I notice the section on keybinding is incomplete and maybe inaccurate. I think this might benefit from being removed with a link to the webconf page where you can see and modify keybindings. The definitive configuration of your keybinding is on your Zynthian so check webconf, e.g. http://zynthian.local/ui-keybind.

[Edit] I have updated the development version of the user guide with the current default keybinding.

I checked. The qwerty encoder control keys aren’t implemented in the stable version.

No! They were implemented since last stable so are in the staging 2210 version we are in final testing phase of now.

That will be a nice addition for headless Zynthians like my RBPi3.