Voices Polyphony

Hello everyone, I have a request to know how many voices of polyphony can be played?
I’m sorry for my English, I prefer Italian or Spanish

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Hi @Alby62!

The maximum polyphony voices depends heavily of the engine/preset you choose.
Some engines that are very CPU-intensive are “limited” by software. For instance, we have configured a limit of 32 voices for Pianoteq.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, in the future you can get to 64 voice polyphony?

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Nobody knows. The Rasbian needs to get far better than today to get 64 polyphony.
But you will be blasted by Pianoteq 32 voices already.

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Sorry for late reply but it is also worth noting that Fluidsynth can play much higher polyphony. I think 64 note polyphony is quite achievable and there are some nice soundfonts available. (I am testing some out that I think we should consider adding to the library.)

Of course Raspberry Pi 4 may significantly change things…