Volume control via Master Channel possible?

Newbie here, please forgive my ignorance. Kit v4.6 I get quite a bit of volume jumping around loading presets, and I seem to need to remap my expression pedal…not always but not infrequently.

I note that master channel was set to off in webconifig. I’m in stage mode.

I’ve seen various posts about configuring a “master volume”. I’m fine with using a cc slider, other than my expression pedal…How can I configure a control for the overall max volume, regardless of preset…I don’t mind if they are too quiet at first, but it would be nice to control without accessing mixer.

All suggestions and experiences welcome, thank you.

@uhoh7 you can MIDI learn the main fader by:

  • access the mixer viewer
  • press LEARN twice
  • move the main fader
  • send a CC from the MIDI controller

The MIDI controller should then control the main mix fader, even when the mixer is not shown.