Volume encoder produces clicking sounds

After todays update I realized that the upper left encoder quite loudly produces clicking sounds on the audio output. Is there a quick way to fix this?

Hi @Hampelschwein!

I can’t reproduce the effect in any of my zynthians updated to the last version.

AFAIK, nothing has been modified that could cause this effect. I recommend to reboot your zynthian and try again …

Could you test with different engines? This kind of problems sometimes are stronger with certain engines, etc.


Just Upper left? that sounds hardware like…?
Which snapshot and engine?

Try to switch the encoder and see, if it happens with more than one.

hi, thanks for your engagement! I dont know wat was wrong but later it was gone. Maybe it was some power related issue in the room. Its close to train tracks…
I will keep an eye on it
There is also a strange short sound every couple of seconds coming from the zynthian, which didnt occure at my flat, but which also didnt show up for any other devices…

Possibly a problem with the power supply? Can you swap it?

Do you have a metal housing? If not, try the Zynthian somewhere else in the room. My Volumio-Player-Zynthian was hanging 20cm above the Yamaha-Receiver and this one has two fat power supplies - the sound was…

Regards, Holger

When we were still in the rehearsing room with the train tracks I tried two different power supplies, no difference. And I tried different engines.
I have a metal housing, some hammond alu thing.
Yesterday we played in a club with decent electricity. The clicking sound did not occure. BUT the strange short sound every couple of seconds did. This also occures with different engines, I think even without any engine selected.

I also deal with these strange noises a couple of times. With the Zynthian less, with the MOD-Duo it’s probably because one audio input is mounted too close to the processor board, and with TeensyMIDIAudio/MicroDexed perhaps due to a worse input power filtering.

My experiences are as follows:

  • Metal housings are helpful (especially when neon tubes are within reach).
  • Pay attention when choosing power supplies!
  • Type of sound card in combination with the processor (also the type of installation, whereby with the Raspi these are usually plugged on directly)

I also noticed that if you are using a PCM5102a you should consider to use short and shielded cables for the I2S bus…

I think this is not very helpful - but I am out of ideas :anguished:

Regards, Holger

Ok, good to know I’m not alone ^^. Do you also have the audioinjector?

Now I realized that the encoder sounds also happen when I’m at home, where they didnt occure before. And actually its all 4 encoders, also when scrolling through menues.
My power supply is a really good one (cioks dc10). And the other one I used didnt cause problems before either.

For Zynthian only Hifiberry DAC+. The Teensy uses a STL5000 chip, but I am sure that I can get the sound better with better filtering.

Regards, Holger