"WARNING:zynthian_autoconnect.cb_jack_xrun: Jack Audio XRUN!"

Hi, I’ve had my Zynthian v4.1 kit for a couple of months now and midi keep pausing, if I wait several seconds it may begin again. While it’s stopped no sound it transmitted, no midi signal indicated on the console meter.?
I’ve reset the unit several times, cleared all layers with only my MPK mini connected still the problem returns. Other symptoms are it hold on to the last note played until I reboot or use the ‘PANIC function’, midi doesn’t return until I reboot. Please advise.

Here’s what I seen in the UI log.

Jan 05 20:37:40 zynthian startx[494]: Jack::MidiBufferMixdown - invalid source buffer
Jan 05 20:39:13 zynthian startx[494]: WARNING:zynthian_autoconnect.cb_jack_xrun: Jack Audio XRUN!
Jan 05 21:34:27 zynthian startx[497]: ERROR:zynthian_engine_linuxsampler.lscp_send_single: FAILED lscp_send_single(LOAD INSTRUMENT ‘/zynthian/zynthian-data/soundfonts/sfz/Bass/Rickenbacker/bass_slap.sfz’ 0 0
Jan 05 21:34:27 zynthian startx[497]: ): [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

It could be a bad SD card. Have you tried with another one? A good one. I normally use SanDisk Ultra and it works pretty nice.


BTW, could you send a screen shot of your webconf dashboard?


Thanks for the extremely quick reply! That’s interesting, I had a SanDisk Ultra 32Gb in there originally, and during troubleshooting swapped it for a SanDisk Ultra 16Gb, my impression is it got worst (maybe due to reduced buffer space?).
Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 14.11.56|690x320
I’ve ordered a SanDisk Extreme 128G which will arrive later today, I’ll report back.
Thanks again.

The screenshot, please …