Was running now ERROR boot fail


Getting Zynthian ERROR LCD screen on boot.

(I wish there was a cryptic error code number to narrow things down…)

Was fine last time I ran it about 2 weeks prior, last software update about a month ago (has Pianotec)

Audio Injector, home made All-in-one card with MIDI in only.

It has some 500 mod ui plugins after using the update recipe someone has posted (16 gig SD is 87% full, I want to avoid repeating the approx 8 hours the mass download/compile took if possible)

Web Host UI not working, ran SSH through Ethernet

I mimicked the log file dumps other have posted, in attached text.
(Sorry I have no ambitions to become an accomplished Linux administrator)

Some Zynthian log files.txt (129.3 KB)

Transferring the compiled Mod Host plugins from the crippled SD to a fresh one may be easier?

Downloaded fresh SD image, to confirm it’s a software and not hardware problem. applied 2018/10/24 update, new SD runs and updated OK (wow lots of new layer and synth stuff, but no more Pianotec?)
[ I found Pianotec plugin in Mod host, but piano only with no presets list

( Another aside, testing the kitv2 2018-04-03 image with the 2018/10/24 update, Mod-ui seems to not have a MIDI in patch cord, sample presets with synth modules don’t play, sending on ch 1, does play with internal matrix sequencer)
[ In a later session I am seeing MIDI plugs on the left as expected, serial input as well as my keyboard on 2 channels, odd…]


Can you access via SSH? Stop service and start Zynthian manually. The attached log doesnt show the relevant part.


SSH no problem, I’m just a bit hazy on “Stop service and start Zynthian manually”


In the middle of this document


Next time, don’t forget to make a copy of your working SD image!! :wink:

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BTW, you could use the backup utility from the webconf tool and include the “/zynthian/zynthian-plugins” folder, so you won’t need to re-compile the plugins in a new SD.



Thanks Jo for the backup tips.

(I was using a now missing Pianoteq demo instrument to test a Hans Pan interface device, with a scale similar to Kalimbas)