Waterproofing a zynthian


We dropped one in the rook soup main supply conduit recently …:frowning:

How best to waterproof a zynthian ? You know nothing under about 10 metres … ?

I bet someone knows…

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Does it have to be waterproof while operating or do you just want a safe transport box?

First thing that came to mind was plastidip, but that is probably not the best idea as it would seal the connectors and encoders too…

Paint the boards with silicon,
worry about the case later…

Lose all mechanical control, e.g. encoders. Lose as many connectors as possible. Use sealable connectors as required. You could have a touch screen as long as it is behind a sealed membrane. Use IPX4 (or better) enclosure.

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This is an extreme measure dear @wyleu, even for you ! May be with should bring one of our zynthians into open space too one day ?

I think he just wants to populate the moat with a dissonant accelerando leitmotif.

There’s never been a better description of cardiacs.

Ouch, … Who did not hand in his :face_with_monocle: on time ?

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@MrDham consider yourself on the list . . . . :rage:


I should make the roll call, maybe some mates from the list are already trapped in those pipes.
Don’t you hear them moaning in pain …

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I’ve crossed you off the list, but the name is still VERY obvious … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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