Waveshare 1024x600 USB HDMI Settings


Cant get my Waveshare 7" 1024x 600 to work correctly seems like the scaling/aspect ratio is a bit off and this is what I currently see everytime my zynthian boots up

Earlier I remember being able to view it full screen no dark borders no duplication

I had to reinstall the os on my sd card and now the settings default to “Generic HDMI display” to show the above.

this is what the display config read before this weird thing happened

Switching to the template that reads Waveshare 7" 1024x600 USB HDMI now doesnt bring up anything (blank dark screen, although I am able to access webconfig despite)

I have two of these and I struggle with them a lot, but those settings have worked for me in the past.

I finally got a real one last year so they’re currently earmarked for a mini arcade machine and a cyberdeck/auxiliary synth box, but FWIW those look like the right settings.

Hi @lsq23, I guess your problem comes from dtoverlay=… not being on a new line in your config

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