Waveshare 3.5c screen not working after Raspberry Pi 4 firmware upgrade


I performed a
sudo apt full-upgrade
update on the latest Buster RC2 image, to be sure I got the latest firmware (EEPROM) for the Raspberry Pi 4.
After this upgrade the Waveshare 3.5c was not working anymore. But when I choose PiScreen 3.5 (v2) I get the UI again? I saw that al sorts of overlay files were updated. Is this a known Problem? How can I solve this?

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Remco Hannink

My waveshare didn’t work when I moved it and the SD card from pi3 to pi4. It did work when I moved it back. No idea why, but when I bought pi 4 case with a similar screen, it wasnt an actual waveshare.

See here

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So it’s screens and Pi4’s that’s the problem…?

Presumably this might be why there are so many cheap screens out there …

Everything worked fine on the Raspberry Pi 4 (clean new Install of RC2 image), until I upgraded to the latest RP4 firmware. During this proces also a lot off overlay files were upgraded. After this upgrade the Waveshare 3.5c screen did not work anymore.

The screen is an ordinaal Waveshare product.

Maybe see if you can get it working with Raspberry Pi OS and figure out what the difference is?

That’s the way I got the 3.5" working initially.

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