Waveshare UDA1380 board

Hi friends, I am from Russia, built my zyntian. I used a Chinese clone PiFi 2.0 DAC and my MIDI keyboard as a sound card. The sound is just amazing, thanks a lot for the project! Now I have an idea to use MOD and microphone to get a voice processor or vocoder or a guitar processor. I bought a UDA1380 … plugged in to test for audio playback. RXCLK (BCK1) -GIPIO18, RXWS (WSI) -GIPIO19, RXSDA (DATA1) -GIPIO21 SDA-GIPIO2, SCL-GIPIO3, but I don’t understand what to do next. I’m trying to view connected sound cards with Alsa (aplay -l), but he says that the cards are not connected. I insert the USB DAC, I see only the USB card, I connect my HIFIberry, I only see it.
I ask for help in setting up, may I need to install a driver for the UDA1380? The site has a file https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/File:UDA1380-Board-Code.7z#file I would be grateful for any help.

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Not aware of this board. There are several threads about other audio cards particularly audio injector. I would start by comparing and contrasting the hifiberry settings with the audio injector config. This should point out basic alsa and jack configs. Getting the board to play with a standard raspbian image is always beneficial as it confirms functionality and wiring!
Just one thing to know is that it is sometimes neccasary to reboot the audio card settings for the audio injector. This shows itself by no midi or audio being visible in the status display when keys are pressed.
This is done by adding or removing a space on the end of the jack config string and then saving the config. It seems to reset things…