We now have logs in the webconf: UI & MIDI


We can now report logs in the webconf on Interface … . .


Thanks @mheidt!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
A little bird told me that more webconf’s fancy features are coming …


We have MIDI logger too:

Thanks @mheidt!


Now that I like !!!


I know you was waiting for it … jeje!


That really adds a really useful swiss army knife feature!!!


OF course in a perfect world it would be available on the gui as welll . . . .:roll_eyes:

Oh and . . . .


And it will be … some day :wink:


But I wouldn’t need it readable on the Zynthian itself but as logfile for later.
If you want to analyse sth, you are going to use a real editor.


Save you having to connect up a web browser to health check a MIDI device. Very handy in a hurry.