Webconf issue

I was working in Webconf renaming e reordering snapshots and Zynthian freezer.
After that now I cannot have when we Webconf working
Could you suggest me a fast fixing?

Please, send the context. Do you remember? :wink:

  • Software version
  • Hardware setup
  • Etc.

And the logs. We need to know what is going wrong and the only way, if you can’t give us a list of steps for reproducing the error, it’s you copy the webconf logs.


zynthian V4

stable 2401

zyncoder: stable (c452d2b)
zynthian-ui: stable (f19f78c)
zynthian-sys: stable (7a69951)
zynthian-data: stable (5a40e04)
zynthian-webconf: stable (7e74565)

And the logs too, please :wink:
Or the list of steps to reproduce the issue.

Anyway, it looks like a string validation problem. You introduced some character that didn’t like to the poor webconf. Can you see the snapshot list from the the zynthian UI?

It would be nice to know what is going on in the file system. Could you login with ssh and copy the output from this command:

tree /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/snapshots


Spanish? I have no problem, but… :sweat_smile:

I think is only a temporary pb due to my snapshots manipulation

Ups! I’m on fire this evening!! It’s already translated.

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I switch on Zynthian, and I did updated from Zynthian meno and Webconf is now working.
I don’t know why, but it is fixed.

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