Webconf "Musical Artifacts" installer crashes webserver

Attempting to install a soundfont from Musical Artifacts seems to do something wrong. It crashes the webserver and leaves a copy of a significant portion of /sys inside the unpacked directory. This definitely feels like a truncated argument to something.

root@zynthian:/tmp# find C-piano-soundfont-flac/sys/ -maxdepth 2

root@zynthian:/tmp# ls -lh C-piano-soundfont-flac     
total 8.0K
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4.0K Aug  9 04:16 C-piano-soundfont-flac
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4.0K Aug  9 04:16 sys
root@zynthian:/tmp# du -hd0 C-piano-soundfont-flac/sys/
18M	C-piano-soundfont-flac/sys/

I confirmed that there’s no weird/broken/malicious entry in the zipfile in question by manually unzipping it in-place.

I’m using Buster RC2 with updates as of last night (7 aug 2020).

I can confirm that systemctl restart zynthian-webconf restores webconf accessibility. There definitely seems to be a bug in the install method, because this happens for any soundfont I attempt to install using the webconf “musical artifacts” search.

It sounds like you should raise a bug report.

@jofemodo maybe a sticky topic here in the forum could help users to navigate to issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.

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Oh, I know where the issue tracker project is, I just didn’t have a way to get proper logs, so I wanted to ask here for ideas first. A crash like this seems like something I should get logs for, but I know nothing about the log structure, and since it’s the web process itself crashing, I can’t get them from the web.

I am sure that @jofemodo would guide anyone who reported in the issue tracker on how to provide required information.

To gather logs for this you could:

  • ssh to zynthian (user: root, password same as webconf)
  • journalctl -u zynthian-webconf

This would open the pager (less) with the content of the webconf service messages. Scroll to the page down to the bottom to see last messages.

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Oh, it uses journalctl! That explains why I couldn’t find anything useful in /var. Thanks! I’ll get a proper repro tomorrow and file it on GitHub.

Got the bug opened. Oddly, the zynthian-webconf logger produced no output at all during this!