Webconf Snapshot Screen

When loading the snapshot screen inside webconf the page is not fully visible.

Probably it is something with browser setting.
The same with Chrome and Edge.

By reload you see the right part only milliseconds.

I am not seeing this behaviour. What browser on what OS and what version of webconf are you running?

The third browser with same behaviour:
Firefox 92.0.1 (64-Bit)

and Windows:

I have the same issue on Chrome.

I raised this a week ago:

When you add a new directory the snapshots become visible until you refresh the screen.


Sorry, i can’t reproducce the issue. Could you send the output of this command:

tree /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/snapshots


This was a problem in the Pre-staging version. I raised the issue then too.

I renamed my Favourites directory to 001-Favourites. No change to the behaviour.

Here’s my tree


Sorry @gonzoB !

I can’t reproduce your problem. Really! And i tried creating snapshots with the exact names you used, Chrome & Firefox, but nothing. I suspect you are missing something in your description of how to trigger the bug…

  • How do you copy/restore the snapshots?

  • Can you reproduce the problem when starting from scratch with a fresh SD image and NOT copying any snapshot but creating new ones?


@aw-bs, you should be on stable. Staging-2109 is not longer maintained or updated.



  • Removing all my snapshots (but not the directory) fixed the problem - hence it is an issue with the snapshots. @jofemodo your thoughts are correct!
  • Creating snapshots from scratch is OK
  • Adding back the (saved) snapshots one by one identified the problem snapshots
  • I have zipped my saved snapshots here https://gonzos.net/zynthian/001-Favourites.zip . They are in two directories “yes” for ones that work OK, and “no” for ones that don’t. Of course, all the ones I spent a lot of time creating are in the “no”!
  • I seems that the web page reads the snapshot file before presenting it on the screen, so I assume there is something in the snapshot file that is upsetting the parsing for the web page. All the snapshots load and work OK on the UI.
  • There is a journal log trying to open the page here: https://gonzos.net/zynthian/weblog20211001.txt



Further update:

  • I decided to bite the bullet and re-create all my presets rather than upload them.
  • I made the first and it was OK - the web interface could see it OK
  • I spent the next half-hour making simple versions (without the FX) of all the others via the UI
  • then the web interface couldn’t see them
  • I added a directory via the web interface - then I could see them
  • as before, simply refreshing the screen at that point made the snaps invisible

Conclusion: There’s a program problem in the web screen.


Further further update:

I flashed a new image from stable, then ran the program update.

Then I looked at the snapshots screen (with no snapshots). The 000 directory is not visible. It’s there, just not visible.


OK! Now i can reproduce the issue :wink:
I just pushed a workaround to testing. Please, switch to testing and test.


Yes, that works.



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Nice! It’s on stable now :wink: