Webconf tool update!


Hi @Zynthianers!

The webconf tool has been updated. Big Thanks to Markus Heidt (@mheidt) who is working hard to improve the tool.

  • New => The tool is getting bigger, so we have organized the menu in 2 levels.
  • Fixed => “Reboot” option
  • New => Audio Mixer Master volume
  • Improved => WIFI config

Some features are not implemented in the “core” yet. You can configure it, but not use it :roll_eyes:

  • Library => Snapshots
  • MIDI configuration => Master MIDI channel, etc.

The full list of fixes and improvements is long, but you can check the changelog in github:



Hello @jofemodo and @mheidt !

This are great news. I realy like the webconf!



Hi guys!

After the update i’m getting the following error:

Any tips?

Regards, Rod.


Hi Rod,

I can’t test the latest master branch for the next 3 weeks.
But if you would stop the service and run the webconf shell manually, you would see the log message.
Maybe there is a workaround until I checked it myself.

Kind regards


Rod, which soundcard are you using?

Could you post the results of
amixer scontrols


Sorry for the delay, Markus.

This month i will be on business trips all the time. As soon as i can call my Zynthian home i’ll send more details.

I’m using an AudioInjector.

Regards, Rod.


Hi @mheidt

I started webconfig manually and only had the following error:

amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory

But, after setting up zynthian and rebooting, it worked fine!

Regards, Rod


You don’t get the 500 either?


And please check how many volume sliders you have. We can filter them when we know which.


I fixed the problem 2 days ago, but i forgot to notify: :blush:



Hi ynthianers!

I’m having a little problem with the ALSAMixer settings with Webconf.

Every time I change some ASLAMixer parameter through Webconfig and restart Zynthian, the option “Output Mixer Line Bypess” returns on.

Is it possible to enable this option in Webconfig?

PS.: I’m using an AudioInjector Souncard

Regards, Rod


Actually I provided a mechanism that allows to disable unused controls.
Especially those boolean ones.
i can offer that only “Master” and “Capture” is shown in the webconf.
Would that help?

That’s how i did it with the soundcards I know.


Hi @rod_amaral!

Normally AlsaMixer saves the changes you make and restore it at startup.
Can you verify that this save/restore feature is working for other controls?



Hi Guys!

I’m on a work trip this week, I’ll check the settings as soon as possible!

Regards, Rod