Webconf touchscreen UI config

Hi, I’m a little bit confused about interface settings in webconf, and didn’t find relevant info in the wiki. There are: “Enable Touch Widgets” and “Enable Onscreen Buttons” checkboxes and from what I experience (for now I have only a touchscreen, no encoders yet) : I don’t see what the “Enable Onscreen Buttons” option does, while the “Enable Touch Widgets” option… enables the onscreen buttons at the bottom of the screen.

BTW, it often happens accidentally with a touchscreen to accidentally trigger a button press command (like “back”, etc.) when rotating a touchscreen control. I think it would make total sense UI wise that when the onscreen buttons are shown, the 4 corner controls can no longer be used for emulating button press operations, as virtual buttons are already available onscreen. It would avoid triggering unwanted commands.

I also faced this confusion! Both with the Enable Touch Widgets / Onscreen Buttons options, and with seemingly random events firing whilst adjusting controls.

One tip I wish I knew before I got some hardware for my Zynth was the keypad/keymapping integration. In this thread @jofemodo recommends a keypad like this but any keyboard will work. The mappings are customisable in webconf.

It won’t fix the button toggle bug, but it might make using the Zynthian more enjoyable.