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I like the ability to play internet radio on my Zynthian. It is super cool - well done to everyone involved in this. I would suggest we create an engine for this so that you can add it to a chain without tying up pure data. (PD was a good tool to work up this proof-of-concept but is limited, e.g. does not support text/strings well.) If I find time I may look at doing so.

I was listening to Vigin 1970s Rock yesterday for quite a while until it went to the news, in Italian!

Add the ability to load up stations from a link via the webconf page as uploads.?

This looks really exciting.
Congratulations @reg & @ronsum .
I will give it a try next week when I will be back home

Record & Play on Parameter Page & an appropriate playing graphic on the Audio Mixer Chain.

Record & Play
Would allow stream to be turned off rather than have the radio running on a 0 gain fader in the mixer and consuming resource.

So a similar Green arrow in chain 8 to the Audio Player instance running ( but not making any sound at the moment) in Chain 9

Presumably station ident details where autoplayer puts the waveform?

A very welcome addition!

What about a naitive engine like this?


I knocked this together at the weekend, inspired by the work done here. It allows selection of streams from the preset list which can be catagorised with the bank list. Volume can be edged up / down and steam stopped and started. It supports mp3, aac, pls, m3u streams and probably others.

This dev depends on some changes in the audio player development branch so I can’t make it available until we merge that into testing… but that may be soon.
[Edit] Actually - I have created a development branch for this so you can try it if you really feel brave! There is no guarantee that it will be accepted as a pucker Zynthian module - that depends on our glorious leader and maybe your lobbying.

What do you think? Worth having?


It is such a joy to have an internet radio that if so selected starts up on the zynthian from scratch and provides on the chain control in the mixer the ability to turn it to a level, and mute selection on another.

IT’s a great joy to get back to a radio device that doesn’t require GUI dexterity to operate it.

Now, of course, in recognition of the deeply subversive list @riban has presented can we operate the zynthian the other way?

Transmit Radio Goodie playing nothing but walk in the black forest parts one and two for ever more . . . ?

I can’t edit my old posts, too few privileges I guess.
Here’s a new version, based on latest ronsum’s one, with added play/stop control and playback speed control just for fun :smiley:
iNetRadio.zip (118.9 KB)

This seems really neat !
I hope it gets to testing and main soon :slight_smile:

Very nice. Play along, just listen or let it play on stage while on break. Your Internet Radio Engine has my vote.