Weird DIN MIDI problem

Hi all,

My Zynthian and I are getting along fairly well. I have a webconf issue that I’ll open a separate thread about, but I also have weird DIN MIDI things happening…

So, I have a Midibox SEQv4, home built. This thing works well. I don’t have any issues using it with any other hardware.

When using USB MIDI from the SEQ on the Zynthian, everything works great. But it requires me to have the only USB cable coming out of the SEQ attached to the Zynthian rather than my laptop, meaning there are 3 more USB MIDI pairs I can’t use (the SEQ has 4x USB MIDI I/O pairs over one physical cable, and 4x DIN MIDI I/O pairs).

When using DIN MIDI out of the SEQ to the Zynthian, I get weird dropped notes – and whenever a note-off is sent, whatever synth inside the Zynthian I’m using seems to move to a ‘default’ note before doing the actual note-off, if that makes any sense? Like, I play a C-3 in the SEQ, and when the note-off occurs, it’s like the Zynthian jumps down an octave before actually killing the note.

Is there a straightforward way to capture the MIDI events so I can debug?

It’s worth noting that:

  1. The SEQ doesn’t exhibit this behavior with any other synth in my collection. It cleaves to standards really, really closely – over a decade of development has squashed every bug they’ve ever found.
  2. I don’t remember having this issue when using my Arturia Keystep over the DIN MIDI, but I’ll have to double check.

It’s my feeling that the Zynthian is doing something weird with incoming MIDI from the MIDI IN port. Or I mucked up my all-in-one board build.

Is your sequencer sending MIDI clock? Can you disable It?

Sure is. I’ll give it a shot next time I’m near my synth-cave.

Does Zynthian not play well with receiving clock?

There are some problems related with it. I hope to solve it ASAP …

Disabling MIDI Clock on the sequencer did the trick. Thanks!

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Nice. I will try to solve the MIDI clock problem ASAP.