Whacky theatrical performance gadget

Looking for things to fool around these days that don’t require a Raspberry Pi…

I have these rotary encoding sensors that could work on this concept.

      • A MIDI controller with interchangeable knobs (mainly for show) they would share a common shaft design.

The basic box would have 16 control slots with some iconic labeling.

Changing and operating the control knobs would take a certain physical effort and showmanship. The controls might have some higher level macro function like changing patches. Big wheels inertia might allow a short vibrato kind of input.

Variety of different knob possibilities, for now they don’t differ in function, only the hole position matters. (it can recognize a registration mark on the control.)

  • Perhaps one of those solo EDM performers could add some visual interest.
  • Could be an audience operated input, perhaps in an electronic composition with a drone the listeners could effect.
  • Cound be some sort of science exploratory input.

Didn’t Devo work up a sweat in some of their tunes?

Some of the physicality in performances may have been inspired by the silent Scifi Metropolis.

You are building a knobulater?