What about Ableton Link?

There is already a lot of Software outside Ableton using Link for MIDI Sync. They have a Github:

Could that be a thing for our beloved Zynthian? For MIDI sync from Zynthain to Zynthain,PC, iOS …
Maybe even make the Zynthian a Link-to-Midi bridge? :grin:

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Yes, that would be nice! I would bild another Zynthian just for that purpose. Like this, but it should convert to MIDI instead of CV:

The sources for Link-to-CV are already there:

Anyone here who can do it?


Hi @orez01!

How do you intend to use the Ableton Link / Clock Sync with Zynthian? Do you know some delay/echo plugin that support sync?

Currently, all the 4 standalone synth engines integrated with Zynthian (ZynAddSubFX, LinuxSampler, FluidSynth and setBfree) doesn’t support “tempo sync” at all.

Recently, MOD team have added some synchronization features to MOD-UI (using jack transport) so probably there are some LV2 plugins (MOD-UI engine) that support this, but i hadn’t time to do a deep search and testing.

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I would like to use it like a plain Link to Midi converter, especially for Clock/Transport. In Example:

You have an Ipad App wich supports Ableton Link. You connect the zynthian to the App via Ableton Link, the zynthian converts Link to Midi (Start/Stop) and put out the Midi data via the DIN-Midi.

Something like this:



You could try to recompile mod-host with Ableton Link support, check my script:

And then use this lv2 plugin to send clock:

I just added your installation scripts to zynthian-sys. Just update your image from Admin and you will get Ableton-link support :wink: