What does snapshot save? => MOD-UI pedalboards not saved [SOLVED]


Hey, so sad story ahead -
I was playing with Mod-UI. I spend like 30 mintues tuning up a pedlaboard setup, i got it just the way I liked it. I hit “save snapshot default”. But then when I loaded the default snapshot it was the pedalboard just when I started with it. All work lost!

What is snapshot saving? Doesn’t it save all the pedals and settings?

I will note I stared from an existing saved pedal board I had.



Sorry @guysoft,

It’s not well documented. Snapshots don’t save a MOD-UI pedalboard itself. Only the filename of the pedalboard. You have to save it with the MOD-UI web interface. After that you should have your pedalboard ready to be included in snapshots.