What part is this

can someone tell me what name of this part is? i am new to this site

From the two visible capacitors and seeing where the two cables go, it should be a whatever-to-5V voltage regulator…

i research a bit i think it is some kind of amplifier.can zynth work without that?i dont even know what inputs are down and how to connect cables from sound card for that.

I can bet much more than 2 cents that that part is not an amplifier: it’s connected to the external power socket and switch…

Anyway, this part is not a required one. Zynthian can works perfectly without it :wink:

haha ok the less parts the easier to make for me :smiley:



can you explain what is purpose for this and how to connect i am no electronic expert i just know how to solder something :smiley:

It is an adjustable switching regulator …you may use a variable voltage supply from 3.2 V to 40 V and obtain a 5V (in this case) or different from 1.25 to 35 V in output…is very confortable…
…but may be it introduce some switching noise

@videobelu I know that module very well, and I use it almost everywhere in my projects :slight_smile: