What power adapters are international people using for v5kit?

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Investigating getting one of the v5 kits sent all the way down to NZ, but I was wondering, what are other non EU or US people doing for power adapters? I’d prefer not to add a chunky travel adapter, but sourcing a 24v/1.5A adapter is weirdly difficult.

I can’t find a heap of info about whether there is a range of acceptable combinations for the v5, but does anyone know what the maximum amperage might be? There are more 12V/2A options around for example, and zooming in on the photo in the one listed as coming with the v, 12V/2A is actually written on the adapter even though it specifically mentions 24v/1.5A in the specs?

I know there’s also a Raspberry Pi adapter option there, but I’m assuming that’s meant for older versions like the v4 where all the older Pi ports were accessible on one side / on the outside of the Zynthian enclosure?

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Hi @bluefantail !

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Any voltage from 12 to 48 will work with V5. Current is inversally proportional, you know, but 12v 2amp would be enough.

FYI, we just received UK power supplies and they will be available in a couple of days.




What I’m hearing is 3A might be better in that case but that things are generally pretty flexible?

https://www.vishay.com/docs/77113/sic47x.pdf is this the regulator we’re dealing with?

Kinda guessing maybe keep it not too high though to avoid this working so hard and making excess heat — don’t really need the air in there warming up affecting the Pi’s passive cooling maybe

We use Type I plugs here in NZ otherwise that UK plug news would be perfect haha but cheers anyway :slight_smile:

The UK power supplies are now available in the shop.


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