What's freewheel


I’m currently building a midi controller specifically for helm and I am unsure what the “freewheel” setting is within Zynthian. I’ve never seen it before in the desktop version of helm and cannot figure out what it does.
Any help i greatly appreciated!

Also… regarding sync, and tempo.
If sync is set above 50% on (delay, arp, or stutter, etc) does this override tempo and just listen to midi clock?


AFAIK freewheel means that your rendering backends and plugins can render faster than the used audio rate. This is useful for DAWs when “rendering” a complete song. If there is still CPU power left (which should be the case, otherwise you will get dropouts during playback), you can use it to calculate the finished song (without an audio output) faster than play rate.

Can you tell me where you find this option inside Zynthian? I think it is not really useful, but perhaps I am wrong with my interpretation of freewheel…

Regards, Holger


Thanks for the info! That’s a confusing concept!

I mistakenly wrote that the setting is within Zynthian… It’s actually an option once inside of Helm. I believe it was on the first page, possibly the second or third. I lent my TV to a friend so I’m currently unable to verify.


So first we have docker, then we get kubernetes, now we have helm…?

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Not Helm, Helm. And I think it’s to do with syncing oscillators.


I think perhaps I’ve been overdoing containers recently…


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