Where buy a replacement screen? to V3

Hi guys, yesterday my touch screen and my Knobs stoped work.
I tried reconnect all cables, but no success … my screen is turn ON, but no one command is possible.

Anybody could help-me to find a new one to buy or have some advanced tips to “back it live”?

(on Zynthian site is not available)IMG_0118.HEIC (1.6 MB)

Hi @rs.felicio!

You can try again on the shop, as the has een released just now and the new Zynscreen v1.5, that is compatible with v3, is available.

Anyway, please, let’s try to be sure what happened with your Zynscreen …

First of all, do you remember some some “event” that could be related with the problem? You know, some kind of over-acceleration, impact, liquid contact, electric damage, etc. :wink:


Unfortunately during a mantenence I mont the flat cable (from board to Display) in a wrong position… after that all knobs and touch screen stops.

I’ll find again on shop … tanks.

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Ups! My condolences …
This error is quite destructive. Probably you remember that you received your now defunct zynscreen with a red jumper plugged in the pins 1-2 of the 26-pin connector. We do that for warning about this problem … perhaps we should insist more about it? :thinking:
Or we should try to implement a better poka-yoke …

Anyway, you can be sure you are not the only one. I’ve buried a few displays doing exactly the same … :grin: :grin:

The best!

Really, it would be nice to have the notched shrouded connectors with the ribbon with the key. then this problem would never happen. Really the pi should have had one as well as kids use them. I wonder if you can get empty shrouds that could slip over the pin connectors…