Where do I store my samples?

Hello, I wanted to use a multisampler, but since there are no samples (kick, hat, etc.) available to use, I was wondering what’s the best way to upload them to the system. I’ve read that using a USB drive is a good option. Any advice?

The simpler option is using a SoundFont (SF2, SFZ) and using the webconf for uploading. You can create SF2 files from your samples with “polyphone” software

If you want to use wave files in the zynthian audio player, then a USB pendrive is a good option.


Hi, I want to load my samples into this sampler. Do I understand correctly that I need to do it from a USB drive? Or can I use an FTP to have them permanently on the Micro SD?

You can do it as you like. Think that when you save the LSP presets, probably they won’t contain the samples data, so always you use this presets you would need the samples at hand. If you copy inside the SD-card, you don’t need to worry of having the pendrive plugged in your zynthian all the time, but if you re-burn your SD-card, you will need to re-copy the samples again. Up to you.

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