Where do the washers go?

There are washers included with the encoders, but the build images (https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Building_a_Zynthian_Box_using_an_official_Kits_v4.2,_v4.3,_v4.4_%26_v4.5) don’t show them mounted under the nuts as one would expect. Are they supposed to be mounted inside, i.e working as spacers to bring the encoders down (by a minute amount) and so bring the knobs closer to the top of the case, or to avoid the encoders being flush against the case, or doesn’t it really matter?


You would normally place the washer below the nut so that holding the bolt (or in this case, encoder shaft) stationary you tighten the nut down and the washer protects the surface from excessive impression. If the washer is split or star then it acts to reduce the risk of loosening.


Although the “normal” position is as @riban says, i also used them as @ricard describes, for pushing down the knobs, bringing them closer to the case. Up to you :wink:

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