Where is the multi-timbral option?

Today I updated the software and the multi-timbral option seems to have disappeared… Or am I missing something?

Cheers, Roel.

All is changing…
So more from @jofemodo

and here


Ok, thank you for the info, I am new to Zynthian so I thought I was doing something wrong :wink:

Cheers, Roel.

You have arrived at a time where the v5 hardware has landed and the next generation of software is being chipped out of this new rock. There are several changes at this sort of level, and it’s nearly always about increasing flexibility above a technique that demonstrates the concept but is starting to creak under the increased number of use cases. . .

So stick at it and ask lots of questions.
There’s nearly always a reason.

You can throw a contribution as described by this link… in if you feel it would suffice. It’s always appreciated.

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This really threw me for a couple of hours after updating an old v4. I’d suggest putting global parameters in some global place since I wouldn’t think to find midi input configuration in the layers config.

It’s not a global parameter though. It’s per layer.

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Actually, it is per MIDI input. You can configure DIN-5 input as multitimbral whilst configuring LaunchKey as active mode.

We are improving the documentation but this is detailed fairly prominently in the user guides on the wiki. These guides refer to the current stable release and things have changed a bit in Oram, e.g. we only provide 2 MIDI input modes now:

  • Active - All MIDI goes to the chains with the same MIDI channel as the currently selected chain
  • Multitimbral - MIDI goes to each chain based on the event’s MIDI channel and chain MIDI channel

These are all, per-input, e.g. DIN-5 may be configured as Active mode whilst LaunchKey may be configured as multitimbral.