Why doesn't Linux sampler install some SFZ files?

Hello everyone in the Zynthian community. I have a problem with SFZ files. I searched for previous discussions but found no specific solution to the problem. In particular: 1) why does LS not load some files that at least formally appear in the right SFZ format? 2) so I ask myself to be valid for LS how should they be structured: SFZ files out of the samples folder and all contained in the same folder? or is it better to create a single ZIP file? 3) or do I simply have to resign myself to believe that the files that LS fails to install with the reason that it does not recognize them as SFZ files are simply not correct? 4) finally, is there a way to correct an SFZ file and which parameters should be checked? Sorry for the length of the post and also for the amount of questions. Thanks

LinuxSampler just doesn’t support all the things that SFZ is able to do. Maybe try loading them with SFizz instead before you go down the route of editing the descriptor files.

Hi Stefano!

It sounds as if you are using the web configuration browser to upload a zip file containing sfz and wav files. You are asking what is the best way to organize the zip file so it properly loads.

I found it easier to ssh into the zynthian, create a folder in zynthian-my-data/soundfonts/sfz/MyFolder, then scp copy the sfz and wave files to it.

I found it even easier to copy the sfz folders to a usb drive, then ssh into the zynthian and cp copy from the USB stick to zynthian-my-data/soundfonts/sfz. Use the file organization in zynthian-data/soundfonts/sfz as a guide.

1: Linuxsampler reads a sfz file and looks for samples in a specific location or folder.

So if the Brass.sfz file lists a


Linuxsampler looks for that exact path. If that path does not exist, the sample will not load.

2: The cleanest structure for me is to put the .sfz file in the same folder as the multi-samples. Linuxsampler only has to look in one folder. (zynthian-data/soundfonts/sfz does this for most of the sfzs and multisamples).

For my Brass.sfz the location would be

sample=brass1.wav (without recurse or subdirectories)

I have not tried to upload using a zip file because my sfz folders have up to 120 wav files and total 32-200 mb in size. It takes much longer to upload using the web configuration .

3: There are other factors like sample format and compression (Flac or wv) that might prevent a sfz from playing properly, but is most likely the sfz file pointing to a non-existent location.

4: You might have to edit the recurse and directory path so Linuxsampler can find the wave files. Open them in a text editor, Find and Replace All makes light work of the editing.

Hope this helps,

Sam in NJ USA

Thanks Sam, you were very kind and exhaustive in the answer … even beyond my expectations. I’ll try and let you know. Hi, Stefano from Italy.

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