WIKI about MIDI chain

For Zynthian newbies like me :slightly_smiling_face:
It would be very useful to have a WIKI page that explain one by one all voices offered under MIDI chain.

Hi @piattica!

I don’t understand this suggestion. Maybe you could give a short example? A chain is a combination of one or more MIDI / Synth / Audio processors. A MIDI chain is a chain consisting of only MIDI processors. A MIDI chain does not have voices, which I think refer to the sounds made by a synth. There are currently 997 processors available in Zynthian with many of them being disabled by default. These can be enabled in webconf SOFTWARE->LV2-Plugins. A description of every one of these hundreds of plugins would take a very long time. There is probably some documentation of description at the up-stream (plugin developers’) website. It may be possible to add a link / brief description for these but it will take time and effort - any help from the community is appreciated…

To be clearer, a short description of these voice will be really useful

Most MIDI plugins included on zynthian are from the x42 collection:

I’m not sure if this link is in the WIKI. If not, i will add it :wink:



Make it bold please, this is very useful info that I had not caught onto yet. I’ve fumbled around with a few attempts to make it route midi correctly and it’s been mostly frustrating. I was not ready to do a thorough description of the issue so no tickets have been created but I’m hoping to have enough bandwidth to do more than whine in here soonish. :>

MIDI routing is improving in dev.

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Bugger, I did not know about this plug-in. I have spend months coding the same on my foot pedal to emulate most of the same stuff.

I’m really sorry to read this.

There is a lot of “hidden” (aka “undocumented”) functionality in zynthian and we have no time to document everything. We would like to improve documentation but we need some help from the community!


…I understand but… …it is a pity :slight_smile:

When available, we should add a link to plugin’s documentation in the webconf LV2 panel.
I will create a ticket for this.


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Please do not take it as a negative comment. What you all achieved so far is amazing.


absolutely yessssssssssss, amazing work

Don’t worry @stojos !! I understand perfectly and some healthy criticism is absolutely needed to improve things, specially with something soooooo bored as writing documentation :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is it worth adding a git hub section along with features and bugs for documentation…?

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We could create a separated panel for this.
The real problem is: who would be the documentation masters? Who want to maintain this? Some brave volunteers? :wink:


I’ll be wanting a LOT more dungeon space…

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In truth the zynthian website does offer some pretty comprehensive breakdowns of the Engines.


For myself, I see it as a long-term learning project, so even if I seem frustrated some days, the vast majority of the time I’m feeling a vague mixture of love and excitement.

What comes 100% working out of the box already kicks the arse of mersh products costing thousands more.

The fact everything else is there as well, even if it’s still getting to 100% functionality, is not cause for criticism. At most, it’s a nudge for some future day when you’re in that neighbourhood.

Things are looking very good for another Zynthian to be shipped to my Postal Code, by the way, but We’re wondering whether they should wait for the Pi5 mods to be released. We would order my upgrade kit at the same time. They’re playing with my unit right now and quite enthused, after a very underwhelming trip to the piano store.

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Oh but speaking of nudges and midi filters, I now remember what left me blocked regarding the midi routing:

I have acquired an FCB-1010 footpedal board. It can be enabled individually to send CCs, PCs, and a note, from each of 10 footswitches.

Goofy aspect: only the Note function seems to send info on the pedal being un-pressed - it sends a Note-Off when you take your foot off it. Everything else just sends its payload when the pedal is pressed. It’s designed for guitar players, so they never gave a moment’s thought that a sustain pedal for piano/keys would come in handy.

This clashes with the fact that Jack’s Note2CC filter only listens for the Note-On, not the Note-Off, so once again, I still can’t use one of the switches on the FCB1010 as my sustain pedal, so I still have to have that goofyass piano pedal on the floor next to it.

This is more than a bug so I understand if it takes a while, but basically, something that listens for a note-on and -off and maps that to CC64 127 and 0 (or vice versa, can’t remember now) would be faaaaaantastic.

But you can do this with zynthian’s MIDI rules, from the webconf :wink: