Wild dream.... OR somehow possible?

Let’s open the “hunting season” for this one:


I know it’s only for the PC and Mac for now, but if (IF !!) anybody will find any way to port it to the Zynthian, it will be THE BOMB!! Actually it’s a rough emulation of the Nord synth as the author describes it:

" software synthesizer intended for use with DTM software. VSTi plug-in / AU plug-in format is supported. This software is freeware. The latest version is Ver1.12 (Windows), Ver1.13beta (Mac).

Functionally, it is modeled on the red synth Clavia NORD LEAD2 and has the following features.

  • 2 oscillators + 1 sub oscillator, FM modulation, ring modulation, synchro, modulation envelope
  • 4 types of filters and distortion
  • 2 LFO (host synchronization possible)
  • Arpeggiator (host synchronization)
  • Tempo delay (host sync), stereo chorus / flanger installed
  • Legato mode, portamento
  • 32-tone polyphonic
  • With 128 preset sounds (and there are literally thousands of user presets over the web).
  • Thorough operation and weight reduction. SSE usage etc.
  • Automation compatible"

BTW, the Mac version development stopped recently as the author explained: “The release of the Mac version has been suspended due to circumstances. (2019.7.20)”

So, here are the last known beta plugins for MacOS:
Synth1macvst113beta8.zip (633.8 KB)
Synth1macau113beta8.zip (1.2 MB)
And here are 25000 (!) presets for it:

Soooooooo… :thinking: :roll_eyes: :grin:

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Hmmm… without source code porting will be a problem. I have searched a little bit, but found nothing. The UI looks a little bit PD like.

No code, no way …

Yeah… That guy, Ichiro Toda, seems slowly abandoning his own project… Sad, because his synth is one of the best out of free ones. Maybe somebody will take over it… Doubt though…

You could try to convince to him for publishing the code :wink:

I remember some past time I wrote him a letter in Japaneze (with the Google Trans help of course :smiley: ) about some issues, and I never got any answer back from him … I guess not just my Japaneze is way too bad but Google’s as well :smiley:
Seriosly, no, that guy is not open to the discussion… Pity that.

If you want wild dreams to hunt then porting AudioKit One Source from iOS to Linux. You’ll have to port all the code from Apple XCode and their custom iOS audio framework mind.

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