Wishful Thinking: Integrate discourse/web browsing with zynthian

Imagine this:

  • You have your zynthian connected to your laptop/desktop computer.
  • You are reading this forum and see an attached snapshot, a mid file, or a stepsequencer pattern/song (very soon!!).
  • You click right button and select “send to Zynthian” …

In fact, it would be better to have a browser plugin, so you can send files from everywhere, including soundfonts, preset files, etc.

We could manage Access Token from zynthian webconf, etc.

@mheidt, what do you think? Is it too crazy? :crazy_face: :blush:


It would need to encompass a completely detached model and heirachy of objects. How would a layer collection behave in the engines or sound fonts weren’t available? What about different zynth builds 3a versus 4? I don’t see these as insurmountable problems indeed I m keen with a rig of 5 or so zynths to see a decoupling of this sort.
Reducing the number of clicks required to perform operations of this sort will increase the usage. We have done good work with capture and ogg files in this regard but if a tool like audacity can require less operations to cross fertilise then that has to be a good thing and plays well to the Swiss army knife approach.

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Hmm. On the lines of sending media to/from our Zynthians…

This seems like it might be easier to implement, and it’s a step towards @jofemodo’s Zynthian dreams.
First step: look into Discourse bots…


I see it like @wyleu.
Maybe a link Dropbox over the Zynthian Logo in the webconf.
But what if we have multiple engines for the same suffix? I see more issues than gain.
Ceterum censeo we should not concentrate on too many things simultaneously. Now the stepseq has prio with a lot of open issues regarding integration.


Yep - shift the focus on me… I will get you back for this :hourglass_flowing_sand:.

Note to myself: even if I am just kidding, zynthianers may take any idea seriously :sweat_smile: