Would Serial to MIDI Bridges fit in Zyntyhian Infrastructure?

There are hobby wireless projects that provide the radio on both ends (instead of using BT MIDI) that’s one way to allow simultanious wireless and DIN MIDI connections.

Hairless MIDI is an app that runs on various platforms, including 32 bit Linux x86 or x64, they reference a terminal counterpart ttymidi

GPIO Pins are a limited resource, improvising another serial connection seems challenging, apparently these bridges work with USB as well. Just using a little board with built in USB-MIDI seems like the simplest means to make a wireless link without added support code, that doesn’t have the overhead of BT MIDI.

(The ttymidi page references QjackCtl a GUI JACK patch manager that I imagine would foul up the Zynthian routing, he has several other Linux music projects)

QjackCtl was what everybody used to use, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside and doesn’t run from memory.

There’s a bug in raspbian that means qjackctl doesn’t work with XForwarding over ssh so we stopped using it. You could probably try it again with the web novnc, I expect it will work with that. These days we’ve moved to using patchage.

Zynthian already uses ttymidi for the GPIO DIN midi on the kits.


Some months ago, i tried to build qjackctrl from source and it worked with XForwarding. It features a new interface and now it’s more similar to patchage. Anyway, as patchage works OK, i decided to not add the “build recipe” to the image setup script, by now.