Wpa_supplicant not functioning

I recently upgraded the software of my Pi 3 Zynthian, and immediately after, the WiFi functionality stopped (using the inbuilt wifi). Connecting through ethernet, I encrypted the psk entry and added a country code, which worked briefly, before a second reboot caused the wpa-supplicant.conf file to be renamed to “wpa_supplicant.conf~”. It’s modified content was gone and replaced with this:


I know the webconfig is designed to control the file, so I expected some change, but what caused the renaming of the file, and what does its current contents mean? “@MADEBCN@” is not an SSID of any network in my household.

I changed it back to the correct name and configuration and it will now not start at all, with dmesg showing the interface as “not ready”

Gorgona updates could be broken and we’ve no resources for maintaining 2 official versions, so please, update to Aruk RC-2. It’s very close to the final release :wink: