Wrote a mod-ui docker container


Hey all,
Thoucht you might want to know I used Zynthian’s build scripts to build a docker container that runs mod-ui.
So if you have any linux machine with docker, you can run mod-ui on it:

  1. Start jack on (example when user running jack 2 is user id 1000)
  2. To run it:
docker volume create --name=mod-ui-data
docker run -p 8888:8888 --user=1000 -v /dev/snd:/dev/snd:rw -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm:rw -v mod-ui-data:/home/moduser/mod-ui/data guysoft/mod-ui
  1. Connect to localhost:8888 to user mod-ui

Source code:


By asking unpretentiously, does the docker layer add some latency in audio processing?


Any overall observations on Docker?


I would need to install mod-ui outside the container and then have a way to benchmark.
My guess is not really, because once the binary is executed its not really going via the abstraction layer. And jack is running outside docker. But you would need to test.

It seems to be working well here.


I don’t understand what you mean by observations? If you mean what I think about it - its a tool that has pros and cons. It makes shipping a complicated build such as mod-ui easier. It has limitations, for example it can’t run jack2.


It’s a subject that I’ve heard mentioned recently and I’m always keen to hear people impressions of tools they use.


I’ve been fiddling with the container, playing with the violin, and recording with audacity. Its defiantly useful.
Having jackctl on, and audacity at hand makes recording from the pedal board easy.

I think I will add a volume for the data, that would mean it would save the user preferences on upgrade, and recreation.


Updated, now the container mounts a volume that saves all your pedalboard data, so you can

  1. Update the container later on
  2. Have multiple containers with different pedals
  3. Not loose stuff when recreating the container