X11vnc and VNC Viewer on Mac to Mirror Zynthian Display - Touch Widgets

HI All Greetings from NJ USA! I was able to get VNC Viewer to mirror my Zynthian display on my Mac. These instructions differ slightly from Floyd Steinberg’s youtube tutorial.

This worked for my rpi4, WaveShare 7 HDMI + USB touchscreen, and my Mac running Mojave. I don’t have HiFi, mux or knobs yet…

from xquartz: login to zynthian ssh -Y root@zynthian.local

apt-get install x11vnc

launch x11vnc -display :0 (-ncache 10 did not work for me)

using Vnc Viewer on the Mac

navigate to zynthian.local:5900

accept all prompts and security preferences

Note: ON my Waverunner touch screen, mirroring the display disables touch response on the zynthian, so I have to use key bindings instead.

I also have touch widgets enabled, but the computer mouse does not respond to the back, layer, learn and select boxes when touched. To use them from your computer’s keyboard, use the key bindings:

Back: backspace, escape or Left arrow
Layer: l
Select: return or right arrow
Snapshot or Learn: s

Hope this helps.

Linuxsampler appears to handle my custom six velocity layer piano. It also responds to program changes between at least four other multi velocity layer sfzs in a snapshot. OBX-D is becoming the pad/brass layer of choice. I am still learning the Audio-FX Layer.

My audio/video files will follow when my band gets together again.

I can use the Zynthian with any MIDI keyboard and have high quality piano, ep, brass and organ sounds. And I can carry less big gear to rehearsal!

Sam in NJ USA


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Do you know the difference between X11vnc and realvnc-vnc-server ?
I use realvnc-vnc-server and it also works well :

sudo apt install realvnc-vnc-server 
sudo raspi-config  
-> Interfacing Options / VNC / Yes