X900 HIFI DAC ES9023 Expansion Board


This is not about emotions, this is about realy BIG hammer in my hand!

I realy like you sense of humor too :slight_smile:

I had this idea: I will test Znythian with the most basic configuration (HDMI, mouse, soundcard and midi keyboard), then I will make the more complette version.

But my plans are now in ruins (more then my English).

I realized, that is maybe something with SD card accessing. When I used my second card, results was realy unusabled.

I am using Samsung Evo Plus GB.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.


I´ve ghot it! :champagne: :sparkler::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::fireworks::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

The red PWD LED is the best diagnostic tool ever!

The third power supply seems to have enough power.


Had a similar issue month ago. I banged my head to the wall for two days, then I connected an HDMI monitor to the rPI and saw that fracking yellow lightning bolt, EVEN if every measure I took on the power supply was perfect.