Xrun debugging with pipewire

Putting this here before I forget

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The “pw-top” tool is not available on the raspbian repo. I tried to build the package from source, but with no luck. Some strange problem while linking the udev library. I will try again tomorrow ,-)

We’d need to refactor the zynthian to use pipewire instead of jack first :slight_smile:

Isn’t pipewire-jack supposed to be a drop-in replacement for jackd?

Yes, but given that zynthian refuses to load the gui if the /usr/bin/jackd isn’t started we’re going to need to change a few things.

I compiled pipewire on a Zynthian.

I haven’t done anything with it yet. I am interested to see if it provides any benefits over jackd. I can see its merits on a desktop PC and maybe on a multimedia platform. Whether it can outperform a dedicated audio layer like jackd remains to be seen and does it offer any benefits?

Running pw-top errors - it can’t find libpipewire shared library.

[Edit: Fixed install path so pw-top will find libs]

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