How can I switch the XY controller only via my touchscreen or mouse :thinking:

Thanks for an answer. Rolf

Currently there is no way of getting the XY-controller without using the physical push buttons.


Oh… but thanks for this information.

I’m still thinking about installing buttons and encoders in my case :thinking:

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The zynthian UI is primarily designed for working with the physical controllers (encoders + push buttons). The touch interface, although very useful, is sub-optimal and offers a degraded UX, IMHO.


The softkeys in the UI are a very good idea. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to make changes via the zynthian web interface.

Aha… this will explain why I couldn’t get the XY controller going on my zynth. I was trying to tap 2x widgets at the same time with no success.

The Zynthian UI is not mult-touch.

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Could a multi-touch UI be a potential future addition? Would there be much need for it other than being able to set up an XY controller without requiring hardware knobs?

Next opportunity to play about with my Zynth will involve adding hardware knobs. The components have arrived, but the order I placed for some spare time hasn’t arrived yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, indeed it could, but we are probably best considering the whole user interaction situation as single touch at the moment. There is the provision of a xy controller in the current GUI but it’s ony single touch xy and represents the only interface touchscreen provides that can’t be driven by some other mechanism.

I use a whole range of GUI controllers: Mice, Encoders, touchscreens, Arduino HID, qwerty keyboards, VNC and we really need to be sure we’ve got all the functionality nailed down in that world !

The zynth sits at interesting point as as commercial piece of hardware with an open source mentality. The whole approach to development allows different directions to be pursued, but obviously there is one overriding mind at work, until the Zynthian Monday night club mount their inevitable palace coup. . . .

Describe use cases is probably the most effective way to aid the process as it’s truly amazing what we haven’t considered sometimes . :smiley:

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I think, before zynthian capabilities, one must be sure that display itself is multi touch capable !
I may be wrong, but I think most SPI displays aren’t multitouch.

Good point, @le51 . Not all touch screens are multitouch. However, the Waveshare DSI one I got claims to be 5-point multitouch.

As mentioned by @jofemodo the Zynthian touch UI is suboptimal and could do with an overhaul. We shouldn’t try to piecemeal resolve individual issues. If we can think of a way to enable access to XY within the current UI scheme then good, otherwise we may need to wait until such an overhaul occurs. It will be quite involved and as stated here, should consider different touch interfaces including multi-touch, sensitivity, etc. Resistive touchscreens are not particularly sensitive and can be randomly inaccurate but can give more precise location with fine nib pen whereas capacitive touchscreens are more responsive and allow gestures to be used more effectively.

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