Xylosynth + Zynthian Setup

When the show calls for timpani, tubular bells, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, and crotales, but the pit is too small.


Lovely :clap:

I suppose you’re using Zynthian with the electronic drumpads.
What kind of engines and presets are you using.

I am not using drum pads this time. I had only planned to use Zynthian for mallet percussion. I had practiced everything on 32 and 26 timpani, but when I saw the pit, I knew I had to play the timpani on Xylosynth as well.
I use Pianoteq for mallet percussion. I have sf2 soundfonts for Crotales and Timpani. Everything else I’m playing down here is “real.”
I have a usb Logidy Umi3 to change programs, and the 4 buttons on the box.


Thank you for the feedback.
I’m usually after dirty old electronic sounds. But I was asking myself on how do real percussionists feel with Zynthian sounds.

Unless I’m playing non-percussion sounds such as celeste, harp, harpsichord, etc, I prefer to use real instruments, but in theatre, I run out of space quickly if I have any more than two timpani, glockenspiel, and a small 3 octave xylophone. And obviously this set up is much easier to transport.
I don’t actually own electronic drums yet. I’ve played all my drum gigs on my real kit. I’m hired more often for mallets, timpani, and hand drums.


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