Yamaha PSR - zynthian misbehavior

i digged the forum.
seams like a lot of people have the same problem that notes are hanging on the zynthian.
is there a solution yet?
brought me to sweet that little beast yesterday.
and always didn’t work because of Yamaha psr series.
the crappiest keyboard with midi out worked fine.

Turning on the
Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s: in the audio hardware section might well improve things . . .

Oehm usb?
i am on native din midi

There was a discussion on TTY instabilites a while ago. It night be worth searching up top right for TTY.

This is probably related with:

And there is a fix already. But the build script is buggy.

But you could compile the DEBUG mode
cd /zynthian/zynthian-sw/mod-ttymidi
git pull
make install DEBUG=1
sudo make install

I just sent a PR with the fix for the building problem: