Yamaha's Seqtrak - kind of an OP-Z, Organelle, Zynthian thing - presumably NOT open source or hardware

NAMM 2024: Yamaha’s Seqtrak is an all-in-one synth, drum machine, sampler and sequencer that could be an affordable rival to Teenage Engineering’s OP-1.

That’s a headline from music radar. Believe it or not, I wasn’t able to paste the link from the browser to this forum- not the forums fault. Here’s the closing paragraph from the article:

At $599, Seqtrak should make a worthy challenger to similarly priced devices such as Elektron’s Digitakt and Digitone that offer an abundance of music-making potential in a portable package, and an affordable rival to more expensive grooveboxes like the Teenage Engineering OP-1 field.

And now that I’m back at a computer-browser that will permit me to cut and paste links:

Here’s the article:

Here’s an overview video:

And a ‘walkthrough’ video:

I wonder what’s inside? Since it’s Yamaha I would not expect a RPi Compute module as in recent Korg Synths, but something like that would sure be enticing.

And of course, I’m not casting shade - I agree with @jtode on Zynthian:

What comes 100% working out of the box already kicks the arse of mersh products costing thousands more.