Zinthyan DYI project, and 3d printable case for raspberry pi 4 and 7 inch raspberry touchscreen display (or other display (if its no very expensive))

Hello every one!

I plane to build a Zynthian in DIY mode, after connect a raspberry pi 4 with 4gb with a 7’’ display , I found very interested this project …

I plane to add the 4 buttons and the 4 encoders ( like on the Zynthian Kit 4. …) and have it fully usable. Please, can anyone advice where can I found the schematics and a list of necessary hardware?
Also, if somebody has a 3d printable model of a case for raspberry pi 4b and 7 inch raspberry touchscreen display (or other display, but preferable with the 4 buttons and 4 rotary encoders), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Any advice is appreciated,

Thank you and best regards!


Hi @Eliasmanu !

Welcome to zynthianland!
I hope you find the answers you need and enjoy building your zynthian.

Everything is in the project’s github repositories. Take a look to:

Most of electronic files are for Kicad, so i recommend you install it in your computer for opening the schematics and PCB designs.

In the cases repository you will find designs from a bunch of contributors and manufacturing methods. A few of them for 3D printer that include STL files too.


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I would recommend looking at the V5 for inspiration. You may benefit from its layout with encoders on the right.

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Thank you very much for your promt replay… I check the suggestion, then I will come back with some… hopefully results and not more questions :grin: ( that last I will doubt :grin:… ).

The V5 it’s a bit scary to me as a diy project… seams lot more complex, or it’s just my lack of knowledge about the v5?

You can omit the 5x4 buttons at left, but as @riban suggested, consider placing the encoders all-to-the right. The display layout is better, specially if your display is >= 5inch.

Also, you could consider adding some extra buttons “anywhere” and creating your own “wiring layout”.
The V4 has 4, but having more is better.

BTW, where are you from? “Manu” seems spanish/catalan or so :wink:


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Well thanks again for the suggestions… If two says that the encodes is better on the right side… Then I put them on the right side of the display… Do I need to change the user interface of Zinthyan to be more optimised for the right side encoders?

To ad more buttons (or even the same buttons as in the v5)on the left side) is necessary more multiplexor (I2c capable or not?) and the phisicals button’s? Or do I need more hardware?

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BTW, I’m from Romania (also a Latin country (I also speak a bit of Castellano if that is any how helpful)).