ZS3 preset should leave certain controls alone

I use SooperLooper in my effect chains (remote controlled from a pedal), and I’d like the Play/Pause state not to be affected when I’m changing presets. I’d like to play from multiple ZS3 presets into the same loop :wink:

In initial simple way to achieve this, could be to “edit” a ZS3 preset to kick out the SooperLooper settings. Would the zynthian_webconf interface be a good place to do this? I’ve already been working on a more detailed presentation page for ZS3 presets, a simple “delete” button wouldn’t be too hard.

On the other hand, this would make them just “come back” when the ZS3 preset is re-saved again. I suppose ‘transient’ controllers (like most of SooperLooper) would alternatively be excluded entirely… would we dare to hard-code that, or make a completely new feature for it?

Could you make a screenshot of the existing layout shown behind the info…and press f12 and show us the JSON.
I could take a look into the button feature.

Thanks for the offer! I’ll push a branch with my current changes; they change the “Info” popup from just listing snapshots, to actually showing which values they use.

Here it is: https://github.com/zynthian/zynthian-webconf/pull/139/commits/3d653af9b2f2ed4418f03f674ceec0e2b7f9c83b

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Have you tried to put the sooperlooper in a separate layer and use audio routing to send the synth output to the sooperlooper layer? It should work … and it’s simpler :wink:

That’s a pretty good idea! I actually haven’t played with the audio routing yet. I’ll give it a shot!

In the Audio Routing menu, I can only find “Send output to”. This allows me indeed to send the output of the primary guitar FX chain into SooperLooper on the second channel.

However, the system capture (where the guitar is plugged in) will still be connected to SooperLooper as well, meaning it will now always record both the “dry” and the “wet” signals together.

Is there an obvious way to disconnect an FX channel from the hardware input?

Ups! Not currently. I will solve it ASAP …